Our response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation

As Covid−19 is a new disease, there is no direct clinical data or research that supports best management at present. Management, therefore, is determined at this stage from best practice, experiential report, and careful extrapolation from appropriate clinical scenarios and associated pathologies. Ongoing rehabilitation is essential for many Covid-19 survivors after discharge. Physical therapy is critical to this continuity of care.

Mobile devices showing example of the Salaso exercise platform

Covid-19 Rehabilitation Information Resources

Salaso regularly identifies links to freely available content from publications and other material on rehabilitation after Covid-19 (see below). These links provide information to clinicians, healthcare providers, physical therapists, and assistants on pulmonary rehabilitation, physical reconditioning, and mental health (wellbeing) during Covid-19 recovery.

The Salaso Health video library is regularly updated with recommended exercises to support Covid-19 recovery based in part on these research findings.

NICE Guidelines - NG27

Transition between inpatient hospital settings and community or care home settings for adults with social care needs

Visit the website: www.nice.org.uk/guidance/ng27